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What is E Passport

E passport is a digital passport that has a microchip embedded in the cover. The microchip stores the personal and biometric information of the passport holder, such as name, date of birth, photo, signature, fingerprints and iris scan.

The microchip can be read by special scanners at immigration checkpoints and other places where identity verification is required.

E passport has many benefits over the traditional MRP, such as:

Enhanced security and protection against identity theft and fraud.

Faster and smoother immigration process.
Compliance with international standards and regulations
Longer validity period of 10 years.

The Embassy of Nepal in Dhaka has started live-enrollment for e-passport. Applicants for e-Passport should compulsorily fill up online pre-enrollment form and book their appointment. They must visit the Embassy in person on allocated date and time for live enrollment.

No separate email or telephone call for appointment is required.